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Cassandra McKevitt

O: 855-450-0442 M: 202-641-3007

Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC

Mobile & Text: 202-641-3007

District of Columbia Real Estate License: SP98378371
Maryland Real Estate License: 662748

Cassandra is always creating something extraordinary. Whether she’s behind a camera lens capturing dazzling photos and videos or she’s cooking alongside her husband in the kitchen, her creativity knows no limits.

She was born in DC and grew up in Maryland. Her siblings practiced real estate, her husband’s a realtor, and for 50+ years, her father has run his own real estate development business. He and her mother —a strong woman who taught her to be confident and outspoken — are her greatest inspirations. Real estate has always been in her orbit yet Cassandra chose to follow her heart and design her own path.

She earned a communications degree from the University of Maryland (where she also met her future husband!) and combined her talents to become a realtor and a visual artist. With her camera and keen eye, she creates digital content for many of our agents. Her creativity shines in other areas of her life, too, like cooking. She loves experimenting with recipes and whipping up a delicious meal — especially Mediterranean or South American foods. Two points here: 1. She’s a better cook than a baker and therefore, cooking > baking. And 2. Baking is too precise — cooking allows more spontaneity and variety.

Thrillers, mysteries, and Harry Potter are literary faves. A perfect day? Time with her husband relaxing or going on hikes with their dog. She adores animals and wanted to be a vet when she grew up so she has surrounded herself with lots of animals. Her formula for creating a happy life is simple: lead with your heart and follow your passion. Sounds like a recipe for success.

TOP 10

  • What is something you could eat every day? Sushi
  • Best habit you picked up during the pandemic? Daily walks with our dog Harley
  • What's the most embarrassing thing you own? Sparkly yellow mouth guard
  • What's in your Google search history? Recipes and random actors and actresses
  • What do you daydream about when you should be working? Being on a beach
  • The one thing someone should ask you about if they never want you to shut up? Makeup and skincare
  • How do you procrastinate? Social media
  • Where are you originally from? Washington, DC
  • If you could visit anywhere on Earth, where would it be? Italy and South of France
  • Something you can't live without on a daily basis? Music and more literally my glasses/contact lenses

Awards & Designations

Affiliated with Real Broker, LLC - 2023
Long & Foster Top 100 - 2016 - 2022
Long & Foster Luxury Alliance - 2016 - 2022
Exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties in the Washington metropolitan region - 2022
Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate - 2016 - 2022
Top Real Estate Team by Washingtonian Magazine - 2015 - 2022
#1 RE/MAX Team in Montgomery County - 2013 - 2016
Top 50 RE/MAX Teams in United States - 2015 - 2016
#2 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2015 - 2016
#4 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2014
#6 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2013
Top 100 RE/MAX Teams in United States - 2013 - 2016
RE/MAX Diamond Award Club - 2013 - 2016
RE/MAX Chairman's Club - 2012
RE/MAX Platinum Club - 2011
RE/MAX 100% Club - 2010

Cassandra McKevitt
Director of New Media & REALTOR®
Office: 855-450-0442
Mobile: 202-641-3007
Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC
9841 Washingtonian Blvd Ste 200
Gaithersburg MD 20878

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