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Tafseer Ahmad

O: 855-450-0442 M: 202-460-5236

Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC

Mobile & Text: 202-460-5236

District of Columbia Real Estate License: SP98374351
Maryland Real Estate License: 524574

George Costanza.

OK so you may not think those things go together, but if you’re describing Tafseer Ahmad, they sure do. Born in Pakistan, Tafseer and his family moved to the US when he was eight years old. He grew up in Maryland and loved it so much that to this day he still lives in the same zip code. As a student, he loved history (still does) and hated math (still does, literally he will run far away from anything math-related). And his passion for music is…eclectic, to say the least. What’s he listening to? Could be hardcore rap or a boy band from the early 2000s. Might be 90s hiphop or the latest country songs. Or it could be Bollywood music or Qawwali, a mystical music started in India. Here’s a fun fact: his two favorite concerts were JayZ/Kanye and Shania Twain. (See? Eclectic.) So where does George Costanza fit in? Well, his friends say he’s loyal and funny. A good friend you can count on. Just like Jerry Seinfeld’s sidekick.

He is fiercely devoted to both his family and his faith. His deep spiritual background guides his life — in fact, his uncle, who is one of his closest and most treasured spiritual advisors, is the one who thought it would be a good decision to join Speicher Group. We’re really glad he listened.

TOP 10

  • What is something you could eat every day? Protein shake and turkey sandwich
  • Best habit you picked up during the pandemic? Work out and eat healthier like salad and low carbs
  • What's the most embarrassing thing you own? Matching wedding socks with my wife
  • What's in your Google search history? Boomtown, Ottomans History, Zillow Premiere, ESPN
  • What do you daydream about when you should be working? Day trip to the Caribbean or Europe for a weekend. (Italy, Turkey, Switzerland)
  • The one thing someone should ask you about if they never want you to shut up? Sports and Ottoman empire
  • How do you procrastinate? Watching reality TV
  • Where are you originally from? Pakistan
  • If you could visit anywhere on Earth, where would it be? Maldives and Bora Bora
  • Something you can't live without on a daily basis? Cell Phone and TV

Awards & Designations

Affiliated with Real Broker, LLC - 2023
Long & Foster Top 100 - 2016 - 2022
Long & Foster Luxury Alliance - 2016 - 2022
Exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties in the Washington metropolitan region - 2022
Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate - 2016 - 2022
Top Real Estate Team by Washingtonian Magazine - 2015 - 2022
#1 RE/MAX Team in Montgomery County - 2013 - 2016
Top 50 RE/MAX Teams in United States - 2015 - 2016
#2 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2015 - 2016
#4 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2014
#6 RE/MAX Team in Maryland - 2013
Top 100 RE/MAX Teams in United States - 2013 - 2016
RE/MAX Diamond Award Club - 2013 - 2016
RE/MAX Chairman's Club - 2012
RE/MAX Platinum Club - 2011
RE/MAX 100% Club - 2010

Tafseer Ahmad
Licensed REALTOR® in DC & MD
Office: 855-450-0442
Mobile: 202-460-5236
Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC
9841 Washingtonian Blvd Ste 200
Gaithersburg MD 20878

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