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Kathleen Moore

O: 855-450-0442 M: 301-717-0263

Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC

Mobile & Text: 301-717-0263

Kathleen Moore has always loved learning how things work. Her curiosity runs deep and she credits that to one person who had a really huge influence in her life: her dad. As a child, her engineer dad would show her the inner workings of all kinds of things. She was fascinated. Maybe that’s why she’s drawn to home reno projects and transformations both on tv and in real life — she loves to see what’s going on behind the walls and she loves learning about the solutions the contractors come up with to make it all function smoothly.

As much as she likes to see things come together, she also enjoys the unstructured, spontaneous days when she can let go, hop on her bike, and go wherever the road leads. She’s an avid cyclist and it’s her #1 go-to for turning the world off and exploring Maryland. What’s her soundtrack? Probably a mix of 90s, pop, or soft rock. Or maybe a throwback to the classics like the Stones or Stevie Wonder — both of whom she saw at a mega concert at RFK stadium back in the day.

She lives in Maryland, not too far from the DC neighborhood where she grew up and she’s never had the desire to leave. After all, she’s figured out how life works best for her…and that’s when all the people that mean the most are close by.


  • What is something you could eat every day? Chocolate
  • Best habit you picked up during the pandemic? Enjoying simple pleasures with the family
  • What's the most embarrassing thing you own? My 14yr old sweet dog that's in diapers
  • What's in your Google search history? I'm a realtor
  • Where are you originally from? Washington, DC
  • If you could visit anywhere on Earth, where would it be? Anywhere tropical
  • Something you can't live without on a daily basis? My phone
Kathleen Moore
Licensed REALTOR® in DC & MD
Office: 855-450-0442
Mobile: 301-717-0263
Speicher Group of Real Broker LLC
1765 Greensboro Station Place, Suite 900
McLean VA 22102

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