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Anscroft – Olney, MD

Anscroft in Olney, Maryland

Anscroft, Olney, Maryland

Anscroft in Olney, Maryland is a cute, historical town with a population of 32,000, and is known as a Washington suburb. Around 1960, agriculture was discontinued here to make room for small communities of homeowners.

Residents began to move in who worked in Washington DC, so they could commute home to their families each night. The trip is approximately 33 miles one way, and these communities of homes allowed for the jobs required in DC to be filled.

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Community of Convenience and Comfort

Anscroft is a thriving community in Montgomery County, Md., which combines American heritage and contemporary living. Maryland was the seventh state to sign in the Union, so there are buildings and other properties that date back to the 1800s time period. There are also superb homes in Anscroft that are contemporary as well the Early American.

Homes in Anscroft

Homes in Anscroft range in space from 3,000 to 7,000 sq. ft. The buildings themselves sit on lots from 2-4 acres, and the surrounding yards are lush greens and seasonal flowers blooming the spring through summer months. There are four seasons in Anscroft, so everyone gets to share in their favorite.

Most of the homes have 3-7 bedrooms, 3-6 bathrooms, and they have been remodeled in high quality flooring, tiles and have renovated the basements. The homes in Anscroft range in price from half a million to almost two million dollars, so there is plenty of room for the entire family to feel comfortable.

The amenities in Anscroft reflect the peaceful nature of the community. Most of the residents here are members of the private country club that also includes a golf club and swimming pool. There is a city golf course and playground, and Maryland has many city and state parks for relaxation.

Olney, Maryland Information

Whether it is for work, family or simply individual preference, families are drawn to certain areas of the country. If you prefer the mid-Atlantic states of the northeast, then Maryland is a beautiful state to reside.

The states that border Maryland are Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, and the total population according to the 2012 US Census is 5.885 million residents.

That makes Maryland one of the smallest states geographically, with one of the highest populations. This diverse state is only a short commute to the nation’s capital, and portions of its border touch the Atlantic Ocean.

Maryland is famous for lobster rolls and Maryland crab cakes, which are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay. This body of water is known to supply more seafood of all types, including clams, oysters, crabs and fish than any other area along the east coast. In 2009, President Barack Obama signed a restoration order that would protect this incredible resource.