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A Checklist for Home Walkthroughs

Anyone buying a home, and especially first-time buyers, will want to come up with a final walk through checklist. These are things that you will want to inspect one last time before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Steps to Take

  • First, make sure to call your agent about a week before your final walk through is scheduled. Ask her or him to make sure that the utilities will be on at that time. If they are not, it will be hard to determine if certain things work, and it is often hard to inspect without lights.
  • Note that you will want to bring along a camera on your walk through day, one that takes quality pictures, in order to document any problems that you come across.
  • On the day of your final walk through, note that all repairs (if any) that you requested be done, have been done. If not, make your final signature contingent upon those repairs being completed. Have your real estate agent notes these repairs. If you do have repairs that needed to be done, perhaps you will want to bring along a professional to check that they were done, and done to your specifications.
  • On that note, also make sure that any other changes you asked be made, were made. If you asked that the carpets be cleaned or the walls painted, perhaps the yard cleaned up, make sure that all these things have been done. If not, your agent should also note these, and again, make sure that the sellers know your signature on the final documents will be contingent upon the completion of these items.
  • If you have asked that the appliances be left with the home, make sure each and every one is running. Start the dishwasher, the microwave, the stove and oven–check the burners on the stove, too, the washing machine and the dryer. Let the dishwasher go through an entire cycle while you walk the home, noting whether or not it leaks. Additionally make sure all the warranties and instruction booklets have been left for the appliances. If not, ask for them before signing.
  • Does the air work? Change the thermometer from heat to air to make sure that the correct temperature is coming out of the vents. Do the ceiling fans work? Does the doorbell work? Check all these items and make note.
  • See that the electric outlets are secure, not dangling from the walls, and that the work. Are their outside lights? Security lighting? An irrigation system? Make sure that all of these items work.

Finally, check the aesthetics. Is there mold? Is everything clean? Do not sign for anything you don’t want to live in. Remember you are paying a lot of money for this property and it should be as you want it before you sign on the dotted line. Good luck!

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