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A Home Seller Success Story

Thomas and Rachel recently sold their house in Rockville and decided to move to Olney, MD. We asked them if we could share their success story and give other homeowners a glimpse into how they sold their home. Here is a brief interview about their experience and what they realized about buying and selling a house:

Rockville MD Home Sellers

Thomas & Rachel’s Success Story

What convinced you to sell your house in Rockville, MD?

We had outgrown our house, and after talking to a few friends who lived in the Olney area, we felt it was the right move for our growing family. We had talked with a few real estate agents beforehand and kind of kept tabs on the local market. When we heard home values were going up and that buyers were out looking again, we decided now was the best time. We were really looking to make top value on our house because we needed to upgrade to something bigger.

Why did you choose the Speicher Group to sell your house?

After we heard about them from a friend, we checked out their website (sort of our “undercover” research) and read about their recent accomplishments from RE/MAX. When we started reading further about the local real estate market we decided to contact a real estate agent at the Speicher Group. That’s when our agent gave us more details about the real estate market and how things were beginning to shape up. We then met with him and discussed what we were looking for in our home’s sale. After that, he had convinced us with his knowledge and expertise. He had plenty of recommendations that we found online, so we decided to go with him.

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How would you describe your experience when you were selling your house?

In one word: Busy. We knew we wanted to sell for the most value possible and during the spring there is a ton of competition from other home sellers. Our agent knew our goal and outlined a marketing strategy for us. It involved more tasks on our part, but we were happy to oblige because we knew the return value would be worth it. We cleaned up the house and did some “home staging” to market towards the buyers who would be looking at our house (our agent was extremely handy in doing this research). We made some minor repairs and installed some upgrades to make our house look newer and better than the others in the neighborhood. With all these things, our lives got really busy right before we listed for sale. But after that, it was smooth sailing. The hard work paid off.

Would you do anything differently if you had a second chance?

We would have started getting prepared earlier on if we knew it was that much work. There were so many “to-do’s” before we could put our home on the market that I feel we could have alleviated the stress had we been more prepared. Other than that, we are happy with all of our choices, from our real estate agent to the negotiations.

What advice would you give future homeowners who want to sell their house?

Do your homework. Read about selling your house before you do it. Look at other people’s reviews online for any real estate agent you might choose. Calculate the costs of selling your house, so you don’ t have any unexpected surprises. Good research keeps you prepared and helps you sell your house more effectively. We definitely saw that with our agent. All his preparation made him one of the best in Rockville.

Learn More About Selling Your House

If you’d like to see how we helped Thomas and Rachel in further detail, download our free Listing Presentation. It will give you a glimpse into the services we provide and how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.

See How We Can Help You Sell Your House


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