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Are You Subconsciously Afraid Of Selling Your House?

Many people feel like they are inextricably attached to their home. Thinking about selling it can be like contemplating amputating a limb. However, why? Why does deciding to sell your home seem so frightening? Well there are a number of reasons.

Buying a home is a major step. Once people purchase a home it becomes part of who they are. Giving it up can feel like they have failed. Like you have, somehow you gave up. You may worry people will look at you differently. However, selling your home does not mean you are a failure. It can be an important step in going to an even higher level.

Many people on the verge of selling their home panic and stop halfway. They find all kinds of reasons why they should not. They become paralyzed with fear and doubt despite the fact that selling their home is the right move.

They know their home has more problems than they can afford to fix and selling it will free them to grow personally and financially. Still they find it difficult to pull the trigger. Psychologically they are not ready to let go of it. However, often in order to get something better you have to get rid of the home you have.

The real estate market is doing better every day. This is the perfect time to put your house on the market. You must be willing to face your fears, overcome your doubts and take action before you let prime opportunities slip by.

There is a shortage of homes on the market and many buyers competing for them. The value of many homes has risen significantly. This is the ideal time to face you subconscious fears and put your home on the market before the glut of buyers disappear.

People fear selling their homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is even out of a fear of success. They hesitate when they should be charging full speed ahead. It could be because they have becoming accustomed to struggling and see some kind of nobility in it.

They question themselves and the positive assessments they receive from real estate professionals. They dread stepping out of their comfort zone even if it means continuing to lose money. They do busy work on their home and resist making the commitment to sell. Now is the perfect time to sell your home.

It is time to face your fear, make some money and rid yourself of property, which may be draining your time and resources. The market is hot. Once you face your fear, you will be able to relax and let the process run its course.

Once you acknowledge the fear of the future without the home you have had for years and admit to yourself this is what you need to do you will quickly feel your fear begin to dissipate. Home values are up about 12% and have reached a 5-year high. Now is the time to step up and sell.


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