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D.C. Metro Area Named Best Big City for Working Women

Washington, D.C. is the best big city in the United States for working women, according to a new study from that examined 366 small, medium and large metro areas. The nation’s capital came out ahead of tech-job giants San Francisco and San Jose, as well as up and coming tech-focused areas of Texas like Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth.

The study factored in the area’s median salary, women’s salary as a percentage of men’s, and population growth. When it comes to the Washington, D.C. metro area, the median salary is Working Women DCsignificantly higher than the other big cities in the top 10 – sitting at more than $55K. Women in the D.C. area earn 81.9 percent of what men in the area do and the growth rate is 1.7 percent (compared to 3.2 percent in Austin or 1.1 percent in San Francsico).

But what makes the D.C. area such a find for working women? The study purports that access to government jobs, many universities, and the booming tourism industry keep D.C. working women at the top of the heap. But we know there is even more to the story. Here are our top three reasons working women (and their families) thrive in this area:

  • Access to Jobs: Whether it’s in downtown D.C. or in one of the many surrounding smaller cities and towns, D.C. is overflowing with job opportunities in the private and public sectors. A recent article highlights the plethora of science, technology, engineering and math jobs available in the D.C. area, discarding the old notion that D.C. is only a hub for those interested in political or legislative careers. And with more women taking roles in the scientific fields, D.C. is the place to be.
  • Unparalleled Living Options: The D.C. metro area houses some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. From charming historic homes to grand new construction or anywhere in between, D.C. working women have their pick of neighborhoods to settle down when they’re not in the board room. Check out these pages to learn more about some of the area’s most exciting communities!
  • Excellent Schools: D.C. metro area schools are consistently ranked at the top of the list of schools across the nation. Working women with children can rest easily knowing that academics and extracurricular activities are top notch in the area.

We’re proud of the Washington, D.C. area and the working women who help make this region rock! Looking to join their ranks? Contact the Speicher Group today!

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