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Featured Listing – 5055 Westpath Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20816

5055 Westpath Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20816


At 7,400 square feet and situated on a quarter acre lot, 5055 Westpath Terrace in Bethesda, Maryland is a combination of modern-day opulence and amenities and natural exterior beauty. Located in one of Bethesda’s best neighborhoods, this home has been newly designed and constructed for the best in eye-appeal, luxury and living space for only the most discerning of real estate buyers.

This home is the epitome of elegance and an immense amount of square feet. This home is just shy of a mansion, which is considered in many regions to be 9,000 square feet or more. Because of the ample space, the numerous living rooms, the spacious basement, and the bountiful amount of bedrooms this residence is very special.

This is a million dollar home in every sense of the word, and is also a good option for those who do not want their home to have the exterior “look” of a upper class, higher-priced home.

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Home style and decor

The interior of the home features a Tuscan style kitchen with the benefit of two areas of sink space. The counter tops feature an ornate tan and brown design, and the kitchen opens directly into an expansive, well-manicured backyard that is complete with a lawn and a flower garden as well.

5055 Westpath Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20816

It has an expansive regal hardwood floor within most of the main level of the home, including the main family room and the extensive hall ways and entryways leading to the upstairs family room.

The upper story has a balcony and many excellent touches, including excellent pure-white molding and more hardwood flooring throughout the upper story. There is a rock fireplace which accentuates the decor of the hardwood, and the basement has a solid light brown carpet.

Accentuated by the white molding and the tan walls, the basement alone has more space than most many class homes built today. The home has several different vanities in both bathrooms, and several large walk in closets.

Moreover, this home was designed and built by a master award-winning home builder. The attention to detail in this listing is absolutely amazing. From the main family room to the crown molding to even the front and back yards, no detail was overlooked.


This home also has much to offer the individual who valued exterior amenities as well. This listing has a deck, a rear privacy fence, and an extensive patio. The front porch is spacious and could easily accommodate a bench or a swing if the owner so decides.

There is also is some picturesque and beautiful flora and fauna situated around this house’s front and back yards. With the extensive yards, there is also much opportunities for those who pursue the gardening hobby.

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