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Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD – A TERRIBLE experience

Note: I will not use Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD employee names and/or automobile make/model details

Our ordeal with Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD started at the end of March 2011. One of our cars was running rough, hesitating during acceleration, and the Check Engine light was on. We took the car into Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD, explained the symptoms in detail to “John Doe”, and then left the car in their capable hands.

When “John” from Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD called the next day, he recommended the following:

  • Oil change, lube, and filter (which the car needed as part of the appointment)
  • Replace the spark plugs
  • Replace the front brake and rotors
  • Replace left and right lower control arms
  • Four wheel alignment
  • Replace transmission pan and gasket
  • Brake system flush
  • Power steering flush

Oh, and before we ever agreed to the service, Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD charged us $74.83 for scanning the car’s computer for error codes.

Given that the car had >100K miles and we knew it needed most of this work, we agreed to have Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD perform the service.

So, two days later we picked-up the car and were charged $3,841.12 for the service. I pulled out of the parking lot of Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD, made a left onto Woodfield Road, stepped on the accelerator, and the car didn’t move! It took me 10—15 minutes to get the car back to Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD because of the problem it was having – the same core problem it was having before we spent almost $4,000, but now, much worse.

I walked into the garage of Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD and “John” says to me, “Did we forget something?” To which I replied, “Yes, you forgot to fix my car!” Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD gave me a rental (if you could call it that) and told me they would figure it out.

I get a call the next day from “John” at Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD and he tells me the problem is the mass air sensor and they can have it ready the next day. Since we need the car, I agree to the service. $567.96 later, I pick-up the car from Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD and it seems to be fine.

Fast forward to early May (about 4 or 5 weeks later)… The car is having issues again, so I attempt to set-up and appointment through the Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD website. Here’s the Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD timeline:

  • Tuesday, May 3 – I enter a detailed problem report into the Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD website and schedule an appointment for Thursday, May 5
    • Car is idling rough (spark plugs were just replaced for more than $600)
    • Front end seems loose and making strange noise (Lower control arms were just replaced for almost $1200)
    • Car has terrible vibration at highway speed (Alignment was just done for almost $200)
    • Brakes are squeaking (Brake pads/rotors were just replaced and system flushed for almost $900)
    • Car is leaking fluid (Transmission pan/gasket were just replaced for more than $500)
    • Check Engine light is on (Just checking why the light was just more than $70)
  • Wednesday, May 4 – Since I haven’t heard from Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD, I call to find out if our appointment has been scheduled. “John” tells me that “his uncle received the appointment request, was concerned about it, and wanted to speak with “John” before they contacted me.” I assumed to figure out how to make things right. “John” took my contact information (which was already in the appointment request) and told me he would call me back.
  • Thursday, May 5 – It’s appointment day! It’s now close to 4:00, and I have yet to hear from anyone from Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD.

You may ask yourself why we’re posting this. We’ll tell you. In our business, we are constantly asked by clients for our recommendation on everything from movers to inspectors to auto shops to grocery stores. We thought, rather than provide a (non) recommendation; we would simply share our experience (of paying $4,409.08) with Hillmuth Automotive Gaithersburg MD and let our clients decide.
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