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Holiday Curb Appeal Tips for Your Olney Home

As the bells start ring-ting-tingling in the crisp winter air along the picturesque streets of Olney, local home owners looking to sell their Olney home have decisions Olney Home Decoratedto make about how best to accentuate their home with attractive holiday flair and at the same time let it retain its natural presence. After all, it’s not entirely out of the question that some of those carolers at your doorbell are also on the lookout for their next Olney home purchase. And furthermore, this is a time of year when buyers who are looking to net a deal in what is typically considered a slower season for real estate are also poking around for great Olney properties. With these thoughts in mind, below are a few ways to bring an elegant shimmer to your Olney home this holiday season.

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How Can I Decorate My Olney Home for the Holidays?

  1. Subtle but Elegant Decor: With the holiday season comes an air of festivity that is surely something those looking to sell an Olney home should take into consideration. That said, there is a point of overdoing it. For example, a massive glowing parade of reindeer could overshadow the coat of trim you added to your house this fall and take away from the more impressive details of your home. Simple touches like a door wreath, stringed white lights illuminating trees and doorways and stacks of firewood can add a warm and inviting feeling in a way that is minimal yet noticeable.
  2. Clear the Walks: No prospective home owners want to be trudging up a walk covered in deep snow or slippery ice. That’s why a No. 1 rule for home showing this holiday season should be making sure your walkways are as clear and safe as possible.
  3. ’Tis the Season for Greenery: Yes, most of your plants that were around in the warmer months have now faded. In their place, evergreen shrubs or cold-weather plants like witch hazel can bring some nice life to your Olney home.

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