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Home Buying Trends in 2013

It’s decidedly a new era in home buying. The real estate market is trending upward and home buyers having increased specificity as to what they would like in their Olney, Silver Spring and Laytonsville homes. For many, this is tech-savvy abodes, and for others it comes down to pure luxury. A recent report from Forbes listed some of the top factors that home buyers are relying on in 2013.

1. Smart Homes: Technology is becoming an increasingly prevalent mechanism in homes for Millennials. Popular amenities include remote- and cell-phone-activated systems for controlling temperature, locking and unlocking doors, and video-monitoring your children’s comings and goings to make sure they get home safely from school. And many home buyers are simply allured by homes that already come with state-of-the-art big-screen TVs and surround sound systems.

2. Massive Walk-in Closets: Whether this inspiration is borne of “Sex and The City” or “MTV Cribs,” home buyers with disposable income know that you need a place to store that all-important 88th pair of stilettos, not to mention your rotating ensemble of business suits!

3. The Home Office: It’s a simple fact of life that more people are working from home these days than ever before. And even if you’re a prospective Rockville home buyer who works at an office away from the house, an email communications space and a place to do bills are always going to make life easier.

4. Hardwood Floors: A polished hardwood floor that has been well-kept gives a home a clean and inviting look, and is a trending interest among today’s buyers. Plus, who wants to be stepping all over someone’s old wall-to-wall carpet in their bare feet?

For more information on homes from Gaithersburg to Laytonsville, please contact us. We’re an experienced team of real estate agents who have helped countless buyers find their ideal Olney-area home, and we’d love to assist you.

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