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How to Make Your Silver Spring Home a Halloween Hit

While the casual fall open house may get some foot traffic, it’s hard to argue that there will be a day in the year when more strangers will be standing in your doorway and ogling the facade of your Silver Spring home than on October 31st. Sure, many of the spooktacular ornamentation that are appropriate for trick-or-treaters aren’t exactly what one would go for when attempting to boost curb appeal on a regular day, but there’s something to be said for a house that the neighborhood can’t stop talking about because of how dressed up it was on Halloween. And when that house has a “for sale” sign out front? Well, you’ve certainly caught someone’s attention. Here are a few tips for creating a memorable evening at your Silver Spring home.

Tips for Making Your Silver Spring Home Stick Out on Halloween

1. Jack-o-Lantern Carving Party: If there’s anything that screams Halloween, it’s a glowing, ghoulish orb adorning a walkway. Now how about duplicating that times, say, 40? If you’re planning on selling your Silver Spring home anytime soon, throwing a carving party can be not just a great goodbye get-together for your friends, but also a way to make your home stick out on Halloween. Both kids and adults love carving pumpkins, so just head out to a local farm where they sell them cheap and buy up a truck bed’s worth. Tell everyone to carve one for themselves and to leave one for the house!

2. Adults Like Treats, too: Kids are energetic and amped with sugar on Halloween. Parents? Usually not so much. To let your neighbors know you care, serve black-and-orange paper cups of coffee to keep their spirits up. Spiced cider is also great for cold nights, and you’re bound to get an appreciative nod or two.

3. Lights Galore: Even though a lot of trick-or-treating goes on early these days, the fall season still means darker hours earlier on, which translates to night visitors. Showcase the finer points of your Silver Spring home by dolling it up in seasonally appropriate orange string lights, or maybe even add a strobe or two for a ghastly effect.

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