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The Lowdown on Seller-Required Inspections

Any home buyer needs to know the lowdown on seller-required inspections. They can make or break the closure of the deal and are important to fully understand in order to sell the home at the right price. It is important though because any oversight can cause the homeowner unexpected expenses in the home. This is what sellers can expect.

The Home Inspection

The home inspection contingency clause is part of the home purchase contract. This is the provision that allows the buyer to find his or her own inspection professional to see what the shape of the house is. If any issues are discovered, then the sale must be renegotiated.

Seller-Required Inspections

The buyer can also walk away from the sale if a problem is discovered which they cannot have solved. Some issues are more costly than others. All of them must be addressed. Some inspectors will cover more than others, but all of them must cover a basic set of things. These are the essentials for safety.

• Mechanical and Structural Evaluation
• Tests for Radon Gas
• Tests for wood Destroying Pests
• Basic Roof and Foundation Structural Safety Check


The ASHI is the system which is used for these evaluations. Home Inspectors must adhere to those standards in order for a homeowner to sell their home. It also covers any issues that should be addressed for future repair issues. That way the seller knows how much to sell the home for and the buyer knows how much the home is worth. These standards cover the following parts of the home evaluation.

• Basic Structure
• Roof
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Interior Condition
• Insulation
• Ventilation
• Fireplace

This is all put into a report, which is presented to the home buyer so they can make their final decision. It even covers things that are immediately a problem for safety and those which can come up down the road. This helps the homeowner again so they can plan the projections for future home-related expenses. It helps them decide if the purchase price is worth it if additional costs are required for repairs.

Things to Consider

While some home buyers might be afraid of the whole process of the seller-required inspections, they can rest assured that it is in their best interest. The buyer simply wishes to get their best price by providing information on the home’s value. While it might raise the cost of the home, it can also sometimes lower the rate. It just depends on the evaluation report. The buyer needs all of this information as much as the seller does. There is no need to be afraid of the inspection. It is simply one more step in the process of home ownership.

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