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Transportation Tips for Commuters

When purchasing a new home, one of the many concerns is transportation. Whether it be to favorite shopping destinations, entertainment or commuting to work, transportation is an essential part of daily life.

Fortunately, homeowners have multiple options that make commuting to and from work and other destinations easier and more affordable. Many of these options also cut back on harmful exhaust emissions so they are also more environmentally friendly.

Ride a Bike

For those who want to combine exercise and saving money, riding a bicycle to work is a great alternative to traditional transportation. Many urban areas have been promoting bike safety and awareness in an attempt to encourage more people bike to work.


Even replacing that morning drive with a refreshing bike ride a couple days a week will make a different to your pocketbook and down back cut harmful exhaust emissions. If you decide to bike to work, make sure to wear a helmet!

Public Transportation

Another transportation tip for commuters is utilize public transportation. Many cities have extensive bus, train and subway systems. Commuters can pay fare for a single passage or save money by purchasing multi-day passes.

Most public transportation systems post times for routes online and even have apps for cell phones so using the system is quick and easy.

Car Pooling

If riding a bike or public transportation are not feasible options, carpooling is another way to save money and cut exhaust emissions on their daily commute. Many companies have carpool lists where employees can find out that lives nearby and is also interested in sharing a ride.

Some cities even have designated carpool lanes so carpool vehicles can surpass congested traffic.

Staying Sane While Driving

Sometimes alternative modes of transportation are not an option for your daily commute. There are things to do while impatiently sitting in traffic that can lower stress levels and make time pass more quickly.

Audio books are an excellent form of entertainment that can transform a tiresome, irritating commute into a perfect time to catch up on reading material. Most books are available in audio book format. Audio books are even available free at many public libraries. Listening to music, podcasts or public radio is another great way to make the time fly instead of drag.

While driving, there are also ways to increase comfort level. Using the headrest keeps the neck from becoming as sore. It is also the safest place for the head to be if an accident occurs. Slumping or sitting very straight are unnatural positions for the back.

Sitting upright and leaning back slightly is the best position to prevent soreness. Finally, placing a rolled up towel at the small of the back reduces pressure in the lumbar region and will make extended sitting in a vehicle more comfortable.

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