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What to do, and When!!!—Reasons a Consumer Needs a Real Estate Professional

This is a very, very good article.  It’s much easier for clients to grasp our value as listing agents, but representing both sides of the transaction is critical.

Via Elliott S. Topkins Massachusetts Real Estate and Title Atty (Topkins &

     It is no secret that access to what is available is no longer  exclusively in the hands of the real estate professional. The Internet has changed that, and there is probably no “going back” from this position. People “find out” about real estate they may wish to purchase in a much shorter time period than in the past, and they find out by themselves.

So, why do they need the services of a Realtor, or in my home sate,Massachusetts, where I have practiced for more than 42 years, a real estate attorney? To me, the answer to this question is clear. They may have some idea of what they want, maybe even a clear idea and a focused target, but they really do not know how to get to the “spot” that permits them to achieve their goal of owning the property in question.

In other words, it is our knowledge, and experience and commitment to enthusiastic service which makes us integral parties in getting to the finish line. Many consumers are aware of such terms as Offer, Inscpection, Appraisal, Counter-Offer, or Purchase and Sale Agreement. Most, however, need guidance in their timing, their presentation and their willingness to let us step in to assist them.

In my mind, Buyer’s Agency has changed the landscape radically. I can clearly remember closings when I first started out practicing where the Buyer would say to me, “We need to wait for my real estate agent before we can begin”. I was quick to explain to the Buyer that the Realtor is question was NOT their agent, but another person working for the Seller. That has all changed, and Realtors can really “represent” Buyers. That ability gives the Buyer some real support, and the capable Buyer’s Agent cannot only provide technical and practical information, but also assist in negotiations and assist in finding appropriate price points.

In effect, we are in a new era of in the real estate profession. We advance because we have knowledge and experience and a network of people with whom we have worked and who believe in us. As I have said in many prior posts, the “T” word, TRUST, is still pretty important, too.

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