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Clarksburg Village, Clarksburg, MD

Small Village Pride.

Clarksburg Village, Clarksburg, MD

Looking for a small town or village to move to? Stop looking, there is the perfect village for you called Clarksburg Village located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Small towns or villages are a good escape from the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan cities such as New York, or Chicago. Clarksburg Village is that escape.

A safe place to visit and live in.

Large towns such as New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago usually have high crime rates, and intensely busy streets to fight traffic all day. Clarksburg Village does not have to worry about a lot of crime or traffic. Everyone here is friendly. Since Clarksburg Village is a small place, you have dedicated police officers with ethical practices protecting you twenty four hours a day, and you don’t have to worry about serious criminal activity like in the larger metropolitan cities.

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What Clarksburg Village has to offer.

Clarksburg Village located in Montgomery County, Maryland encompasses around 775 acres of land. The village offers a club house the neighborhood can share along with a 25 meter swimming pool. There is around 13 acres of ball fields to play on. From the swimming pool, there is an entry to the beach. There are soon to be built village green shopping centers. Last but not least, you will enjoy good neighbors and access to a great school system for your children.

Schools in the Clarksburg Village area are under the supervision of the Montgomery County School District. Below is a map of schools that you’ll find in the area:

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The homes that are available.

There are town homes created by Ryan homes, and Craftsmark homes inside Clarksburg Village. There are also single family homes designed by Ryan homes, Craftsmark, Beazer homes, and NV homes. The homes are mostly brick, and come with plenty of space for you and your family. The homes come with 3 piece moldings, gourmet kitchens, and computer lounges. To make everything even better, they have an energy cost savings plan because they won the Energy Star Leadership in Housing Award for 2010, and 2011. If this hadn’t convinced you, there is the beach and the ocean you can swim, surf, or stroll the beaches whenever you want.

Why you should hurry to Clarksburg Village.

Clarksburg Village is located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Most homes are reasonably priced in Clarksburg Village, along with an Energy Star cost savings plan, lots of amenities, and perfectly built homes, this might be the place to call home.There are plenty of houses for sale, including town homes, and single family homes. In the busy season crowds of people flock to Clarksburg Village, and many buy homes here. Don’t wait, visit today! You’ll be glad you did.

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