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Hallowell, Olney, MD

Hallowell in Olney, Maryland

Hallowell, Olney, MD

For those who want to enjoy the quietness of a remote area, which is not too far from the city, they can find an ideal home in Olney, MD. This is only less than an hour drive away from Washington, D.C. Hence, living here will allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

This medium-sized, Maryland town has five constituent neighborhoods and a total population of 34,471 people. It ranks 27th among the largest communities in Maryland. Generally, Olney is a town that has lots of professionals, managers, office employees and sales personnel. It is a white collar town, with 93.12% working in white collared jobs.

An Ideal Place to Live

Olney, MD is an ideal place to raise a family with its peaceful neighborhood and proximity to the best schools. There are lots of families with children that live here. Most of them live in single-family homes. This gives more room for kids to play.

This is the place where parents and children can build social ties with other families. The school environment is conducive to learning and success in academics. This is since they have a great public school district and lots of college graduates.

There is a family neighbor park at Willow Grove Road, which can serve as a multipurpose place. It can be used as a playground, picnic area or a ball field.

Like everywhere else in the US, people go to work, using their own vehicle. However, there are also a number of them that commute as this reduces traffic as well as air pollution.

Olney, MD Demographics

Olney is considered as an ethnically diverse town. It consists of a variety of ethnic groups and races. The majority of Olney residents are Whites. These are followed by African-Americans.

The rest are mostly European such as Irish, English, Italian, German and Russian. Among its population, 17.09% were born in other countries. Most of the people here speak English and a number of them speak Spanish.

Homes in Olney, MD

Most of the homes in Olney (68.6%) are single detached homes that are ideal for families. Next to these are attached homes (25.8%) and row houses. There are also high rise apartments (4.9%) and buildings.

The smallest number is the small apartment buildings (0.7%). Majority of the homes have 4 bedrooms (45.02%) and this is followed by 3 bedrooms (33.04%), 5 or more bedrooms (13.67%), 2 bedrooms (6.91%) and 1 bedroom (0.97%).

Real Estate

There are over 24 distinct neighborhoods in Olney with their own home owner’s association. In this respect, you can find a variety of real estate properties for sale in these areas. The prices of Olney homes are among the most expensive not only in Maryland but also in the US. Olney real estate is one of the best long-term investments in the country.

In general, Hallowell, Olney, MD is an ideal place to live in, especially for those with families. It has peaceful and friendly neighborhoods. The schools are accessible and best of all, they provide good education. Most of the homes here are single detached and there are followed by attached homes, high rise apartments and small apartment buildings.

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