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Kentlands Hill District, Kentlands, MD

Kentlands Hill District

Kentland Hill District is part of a traditional master planned community in Kentlands, Maryland. The neighborhood was designed around traditional concepts. It is a gorgeous neighborhood with many shops and events intended to foster a community environment.

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Amenities of the Neighborhood

In Kentlands Hill District, its array of shops and restaurants are all within walking distance. There is an eclectic variety of grocery stores including a Whole Foods Store. For dining, you can find sit down restaurants ranging from authentic Mexican cuisine to Mediterranean foods. Kentland also boasts a wide selection of social lounges from coffee bars to wine bars.

Kentland Hills has a thriving social scene for all ages. A regular bridge club is hosted for those who like to socialize over a deck of cards. If you are looking for peers to share your passion for the Spanish language join Kentland Hills Spanish club. For the musically inclined join the Acoustic Music Jams. Bringing the entire community together is important in Kentland Hills. We have a celebration event for most major holidays. Celebrating life’s important moments together.


If you’re looking to expand your horizons Kentland Hills offers many educational opportunities. To enhance your cuisine repertoire there is a cooking school available to you. Share your enthusiasm for cooking with other locals while learning new recipes and cooking tips.

For aspiring dancers join our ballet school to learn basic and advanced ballet. When your ready to put your teenager on the road send them to our driving school for the good of the whole community. We will make sure your student driver protects themselves and rest of the community. For any aspiring musicians, we offer many musical education opportunities in a variety of different styles.

Things to Do in Kentlands Hill District

For entertainment there are cinemas is where you and friends and family can enjoy the latest feature films. To catch a local concert there are music bars where you can enjoy a drink and local music. For an outdoor experience visit Kentlands historical city owned farm.

At the Kentland farm there are regular art exhibits, concerts, and outdoor events. Kentlands farm is also available to rent for private events. Its a great place to hold a wedding, private party or meeting. For other outdoor entertainment options visit Kentland Hills many public parks and lakes.

If you’re looking for a community that is truly a community Kentlands Hill District is the place for you and your family. Kentland Hills has a wide variety of homes, condominiums, apartments, lofts, and traditional two story homes. Homes are at price points that accommodate all budgets. If you want to make Kentland Hills District your new home act now as homes in Kentlands Hills District are in high demand. Make Kentlands Hill your home.

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