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Norbeck Estates, Rockville, MD

Norbeck Estates in Rockville, Maryland

Norbeck Estates, Rockville MD

Norbeck Estates, located in Rockville, Maryland, is an ideal place to live for anyone who is looking for their dream home. The homes are built in colonial style, and the houses are just as cozy as they appear on the outside on the inside. The neighborhood is a friendly neighborhood that is a small town atmosphere amid a bustling city. Needless to say, Norbeck Estates neighborhood is close to where all of the action is in the city.

Norbeck Estates boasts the Norbeck Meadows Neighborhood Park for the residents to play in nearby, for any children in your family to safely use and enjoy any time that they desire to do so. The Norbeck Meadows Neighborhood Park is a 18.7 acre park, so there is plenty of room.

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Things to Do in Norbeck Estates

They provide plenty of activities for the residents of Norbeck Estates to enjoy, including bird watching, canoeing, boating, and art classes, to name a few activities. For children specifically, the park offers summer camps, miniature golf, swimming pools, and a splash playground, to name a few activities. The location of the houses is in a quiet and affluent place, close to Norbeck Country Club and Olney Theatre Center for extra entertainment and fun.

Norbeck Estates is located in Rockville, Maryland, which has been named one of “Best Places to Live in The United States” by Money Magazine in 2008. Close to the nation’s capital and to an abundance of culture, commerce, and recreation, it is easy to see why this happened.

The home prices have stayed remarkably stable in the city. It attracts a lot of affluent people who commute and live in the Washington D.C. area. The city has many parks, colleges, and other technical and professional businesses that make the area a great place to live in as well.


Your children will go to Cashell Elementary School, Redland Middle School, and Magruder High School, all very respectable schools that have rigorous academic programs and that are dedicated to collaboration and excellence. Part of the curriculum that they use to teach your child is The Character Counts Curriculum, which is a curriculum that helps children remember and learn character.

Norbeck Estates Real Estate

When you look into buying a house at Norbeck Estates, you simply cannot go wrong. Your child and you will be able to experience diversity and feel safe about the community to boot.

With all the positive things about living at Norbeck Estates and in Rockville, Maryland, there is no need to feel unsafe or hesitant about taking a look at the houses located in this area. Whether or not you have children, it does not matter. You can still feel like you made a great decision in purchasing a house that is located in the neighborhood of Norbeck Estates. For more information or to schedule a showing in the this neighborhood or any other, contact The Speicher Group & RE/MAX.

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