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Kentlands, MD

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Midtown Kentlands, MD


Originally sprouted from the Kentlands Farm in 1723, Midtown Kentlands is known as a “neo-traditional” neighborhood. Essentially, this means that Midtown Kentlands was designed as a walkable, commuter-friendly neighborhood that many planned communities across the country now resemble.

Kentlands Amenities

Because of Kentlands’ design, the neighborhood is considered a self-sustaining community. This means that you’ll be no more than a short walk away from everything the neighborhood has to offer. Shopping are retail spaces are abundant as well as small parks and protected natural areas. Kentlands also features a “downtown” district that includes arts and entertainment opportunities and even nearby schools.

Real Estate in Kentlands

The average value for single-family homes in Kentlands is just over $737K while townhomes average around $500K. Current listings in Kentlands, including commercial listings, range from $300K to just under $1M.

Schools in Kentlands

Public schools in the Kentlands area are under the purview of the Montgomery County School District. Below is a map of schools that can be found in and around the Kentlands area:

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