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Seneca Springs, Laytonsville, MD

Seneca Springs in Laytonsville, Maryland

Seneca Springs, Laytonsville, MD

The Seneca Springs neighborhood in Laytonsville, Maryland is a beautiful place to call your home. Seneca Springs is a family-oriented community located close to major cities but with a country-like atmosphere that provides for peace and quiet. Seneca Springs is part of the Laytonsville community, which is a historical community that places a premium value of historic home preservation as well as protecting the environment.

As a result, the community is pristine and well-maintained. The town hall itself is situated inside a historic home that has been in the community for over one hundred and fifty years.

Seneca Springs also has a small population so moving here gets you into a real close community where you will know your neighbors. The population is only about three hundred families. It is a suburb of Gaithersburg and children in Seneca Springs attend Gaithersburg public schools. Since Washington, D.C. and Baltimore are relatively close, many families also choose to send their children to some of the private schools in the city.

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Seneca Springs is located only twenty-five miles from Washington, D.C. It makes for an easy commute into the city for workers and it’s always a quick weekend jaunt to experience all the tourist attractions that D.C. has to offer, including the White House, Congress, and the various museums and monuments. Seneca Springs is also located close to Baltimore, so it is easy to visit the city’s famous waterfront or head to a Major League Baseball game at Camden Yards.

Being active in the community is an important part of being a resident of Seneca Springs. The local Boy Scout chapter has been in existence for over fifty years and many boys from the neighborhood are members. There are town festivals throughout the spring and summer months.


Sundown Road Park is the major park in the Seneca Springs area. Every year, the town holds an annual picnic there in which many residents attend and pictures are taken to be placed on the town website. The park contains baseball and softball fields for the residents to play in. There are also tennis courts as well as ample spots of grass in which to walk your dogs.

The community also has a lot of specific clubs and organizations dedicated to fostering a community spirit and connecting people. There is the Laytonsville Mom’s Club and Laytonsville Women’s Club, all of which bring together people in the community. There is also a large volunteer fire department in the town as well. Laytonsville is the larger village in which Seneca Springs sits.