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Chevy Chase Village, Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase Village in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Chevy Chase Village, Chevy Chase, MD

For those families who have their dream house in mind, the Chevy Chase Village in Maryland is one of the Top 50 Most Expensive Communities in America. The town was incorporated in 1890s, and has continued to grow since then. Today, there are approximately 3,000 residents that make up the lovely town of Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase Village Services and Amenities

Chevy Chase Village is located between Bethesda and Silver Springs, and because it is an established village, this town has all the necessary services for use in the community with public water works, administrative permitting, fire and law enforcement. The Chevy Chase Village Police Department is an accredited agency recognized across the country to serve and protect with officers on bicycles and on foot.

There are several parks, such as Tacoma Park, Shepherd Park and Barnaby Woods that are in and around the town. These parks are natural and yet, trails and baseball diamonds and more allow families and young people the freedom for fun and exercise.

Maryland is known as a commonwealth state that has been a part of American History since the country was first formed, and there are many forests and other landmarks that have survived in this area.

The school system in Chevy Chase received high ratings of 8, 9 and 10. With these high scores there is no reason to send your children out of the district to other schools, and there is also a tuition-free charter school in the Village.

Your children will love the parks, and Rock Creek Park is directly adjacent to the neighborhood with soccer, baseball, horseback riding, small child playgrounds, running and biking trails will keep the whole family busy all day long.

Homes and Mansions of Chevy Chase Village

Some of the homes in the community express eras of history. There are seven and eight bedroom mansions that have been totally renovated for the 21st century. There are also condos in the community that start at $300,000 reaching to over $2 million.

The single family homes with three bedrooms start at $600,000 and also reach to $2 million. When you have found the homes of your dreams here in Chevy Chase, it will allow your family to live the lifestyle that they will enjoy.

Shopping is a delight because in Chevy Chase there are small, old fashioned shops, such as the pharmacy that still delivers, a butcher, a supermarket, along with other small shopping centers.

Of course, the surrounding communities also have plenty of neighborhood shops like the bagel store and the dry cleaners. Everything that someone could want is found in a radius around the Village.

Chevy Chase Village is a unique and exclusive community that provides its residents with some of the finer things in living. It is a safe community where residents can associate with their neighbors while appreciating and enjoying their luxurious homes.


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