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Clarksburg Real Estate

Clarksburg is a very unique, unincorporated area located in North Montgomery County in the state of Maryland. It is a census-designated area located inside the I-270 corridor approximately for miles north of the urbanized area of Germantown. Based upon Census 2010, the population is approximately 13,766.

New Development

Since the year 2000, the area of Clarksburg has grown tremendously. Right in the heart of the city you will find a new town center being erected near its historic center. As of date, there are well over 4,000 households taking residence in Clarksburg. Due to the new growth additional schools and public parks have been added to accommodate these changes.

The Educational System

Clarksburg consists of a diverse populace with an elevated level of education achievement. The primary schools are Clarksburg Elementary, Little Bennett Elementary, Rocky Hill Middle School and Clarksburg High School.

Little Bennett and Clarksburg High was estimated to have student increases for the 2012-2013 school year, which has prompted a moratorium for issuing permits to build new projects, including new homes for the Clarksburg, MD area.


There are a number of public parks which includes Ovid Hazen Wells Recreational Park, a 290-acre recreational facility located west of Route 27 or Ridge Road.

It has an average size playground area, three shelters for picnicking and a historical parking lot made of gravel which was constructed in the 1980’s. The picnic areas are rented out and they all of open shelters which is perfect for the viewing of ball games in your choice of ball fields.

Farmer’s Markets

Clarksburg is also known by its Farmers’ Markets. The five major Farmers’ Markets in Clarksburg are Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Winery, Gaithersburg, Main Street Farmers’ Market, Olney Farmers’ and Artist Market and Mount Airy Farmers’ Market, with the exception of Mount Airy, all of these are conveniently located in Montgomery County.

In these markets you will find lots of organic foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, and basically whatever whets your appetite or tickles your fancy. Not to mention, this is the ideal place to meet new people in your community.


Clarksburg has so much to offer, including a real estate market which is booming. Currently, homes can be purchased at the median list price of $499, 178; however, there are many homes listed at a median listing price of $297, 114 based upon Maryland real estate data.

This is only a handful of things to demonstrate why Clarksburg is a great place to live. You would be amazed at the array of special events taking place in and around Clarksburg on a weekly basic. Join the many residents who have made Clarksburg their home and become a part of its rich history.

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