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Potomac Real Estate

Potomac, MD is an excellent place for high-income government employees to settle down. This small town of 45,000 is home to many of the nation’s movers and shakers, and is almost within walking distance of Washington, D.C. itself. Check out Potomac, MD real estate today.

Locale of Potomac, MD

As one might guess from its name, Potomac, MD real estate does in fact border the Potomac River to the south. Many parks dominate the area’s landscape, including Cabin John Regional Park, which lies within the town’s limits. Washington, D.C., is just eight miles southeast along the Potomac River, and Baltimore is 25 miles northeast. The community is home to many politicians and federal government employees, due to its close proximity to the nation’s capital. It is an extremely high-class area.

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With a median household income of over $240,000, rated Potomac, MD as the seventh most affluent town in the entire nation. According to Forbes, Potomac has not only a wealthy, but a well-educated populace; it ranks the town as the seventh most well-educated in America.

The community is largely comprised of residences and residential neighborhoods, although the intersection of Maryland State Highway 189 and Maryland State Highway 190 creates a focal point for the area. This part of Potomac, called Potomac Village, features upscale shops, local businesses, and other commercial development.

Potomac, MD Education

Potomac is part of the Montgomery County Public Schools system, which it shares with several other nearby communities. There are five public elementary schools in Potomac, including Bells Mill, Beverly Farms, Cold Spring, Potomac, and Wayside. Middle schools include Cabin John and Herbert Hoover.

Potomac has only one high school, Winston Churchill High School. This school has been in US News’ top 100 high schools consistently for years. In 2007 it was ranked as high as 42. The high school has nine departments: English, Art, Foreign Language, Computer Science, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The school’s Signature Program allows students to choose from curriculum paths leading toward a particular career field. This roughly divides students among three categories, or academies: the Academy of International Studies, the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, and the Academy of Math, Science, and Technology.


As mentioned, Potomac is mostly a residential community set aside for federal government employees and politicians. As such, most amenities can be found in nearby Washington, D.C. or Baltimore. However, the town does have some commercial development in an area called Potomac Village.

Businesses and local institutions include Potomac Village Shopping Center, Potomac Library, two Episcopal churches, two gas stations, and two grocery stores. Two country clubs, Congressional Country Club and Bethesda Country Club, lie within the town’s borders. Woodmont Country Club is within a mile to the northeast, in nearby Rockville.

Potomac, MD represents an excellent place to live for those who are employees of the federal government or politicians who want to remain close to the seat of the nation’s power, yet also enjoy comfortable suburban living. This affluent community enjoys some of the best schools in the nation and well-kept residential areas. Any high income earner who wishes to live very close to Washington, D.C. would do well to choose Potomac.


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