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Laytonsville-365x274Just about 25 miles north of the nation’s capital lies the small town of Laytonsville, which a small population of just 353 call home, according to the 2010 Census. Laytonsville is known for its old town, one lane strip of historical buildings, expansive tracts of farmland, and a growing number of large, single-family homes on generous plots of land.

Laytonsville is smaller than the nearby areas, which include Olney (south east), Gaithersburg (west) and Rockville (south). It is intersected by Olney-Laytonsville Road (Route 108) and Brink Road, and is only 10 miles from Route 270 – the major vein south into Washington, DC or north to Frederick.

The area is rich in history. It was originally known as The Addition to Brooke Grove in the mid-1700s, and was later incorporated as Cracklintown – named after the area’s Cracklin Tavern which used to serve a bacon corn bread known as cracklin bread. By 1892, the area was incorporated as the town we know today as Laytonsville, which is still dotted with historic homes.

The main area of Laytonsville is home to the Laytonsville Town Hall which houses the Laytonsville Historical Center, the Laytonsville District Volunteer Fire Department which was founded in the early 1950s, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul United Methodist Church, among others.

Laytonsville is home to a number of parks, golf courses and other places for recreation. Three golf courses, Blue Mash Golf Course, Montgomery Country Club, Laytonsville Golf Course, offer options for the entire family, including spring/summer camps for children, lessons for all ages and more. Two local parks, Laytonsville Park and Sundown Road Park, welcome residents to use their picnic, grilling and play facilities.

Residents can take advantage of the small town restaurants and shops, including Julliano’s Brick Oven Pizza, The Office Café and Lounge, Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop, and Stadler Nurseries. The town retains its small town charm and “mom and pop” style business ownership, but is only a few miles away from the plethora of big box store offerings in neighboring towns.

Laytonsville feeds into the Gaithersburg Cluster of schools in the Montgomery County Public School System, which is on the list of the top 20 largest school systems in the U.S. Laytonsville Elementary School, Gaithersburg Middle School and Gaithersburg High School are where most Laytonsville children attend school .

Laytonsville offers a unique blend of small town appeal, historical charm and a spacious living space with plenty of opportunities to take in the outdoors, all within close proximity to the modern commercial amenities of Montgomery County.