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Olney Mill – Olney, MD

Olney Mill in Olney, Maryland

Olney Mill, Olney Maryland

The Olney Mill community in Maryland consists of 1,035 single-family homes. Olney Mill is located northwest of the center of Olney, MD. This subdivision was added in 1969 as a homeowner association. Olney Mill offers some nice community events that are held yearly.

A 4th of July picnic is being held which will last from noon to 3 p.m. at Olney Mill Park. Parking is very limited and you should probably walk if you wish to attend this event. Olney Mill is also holding a yard sale to whoever wants to cash in on old goods.

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Children in Olney Mill have the option to attend 4 different schools depending on their location. Belmont elementary school is located in the 20832 area and is an all-inclusive school. Greenwood elementary is located in the 20833 area and offers kindergarten through fifth grade classes.

Rosa Parks middle school is another school where children can attend. Olney Mill is a fantastic place to live that has a suburban feel to it and many of the schools are from the Montgomery public school system.

Olney Mill features a swim team that has activities available when you wish to swim. This is a great way to meet new people and explore the pool at the same time. The pool has depths from 2 ½ feet to 12 feet, which should give some caution to people who don’t know how to swim. When joining the swim club, you can visit the pool whenever you want from the hours of noon – 9 p.m. Aside from the swim club, there are other places you can visit to get more in touch with Olney as a community.

Parks and Recreation

The Olney Mill neighborhood park provides for people who wish to have a good time at a local park. The first attraction of the park would be the basketball court. You can invite your friends and have a great basketball game while having fun in the sun.

At nighttime, you can also still play because the basketball court is lighted to help you see where you are playing. Aside from basketball, a tennis court is also available for those who like to play tennis. The tennis courts are also lighted to ensure that you can play even when it gets dark out.

A playground is available for children who wish to play and have fun within the park. The picnic area of the park has an open shelter available and an outside area where picnics can be held. The park itself is about 6.6 acres worth of land and was built in 1970.

Overall, Olney Mill is a great place to raise a family and has plenty of activities that will keep you busy in the area of Montgomery. Don’t think twice about this area, since it provides plenty of activities that some areas may not offer.