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Retirement Guide for Mongomery County, MD

After working for so many years, you are finally going to retire. Wait! What are you supposed to do now? Many times when working you may think, “When I retire…”, but when that time finally arrives it is a bigger change than you might realize.

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Retirement brings with it many changes in your life. There are changes in your financial life, social life, personal life, and routine that you never really have had to think about. Add to that the changes in your physical activity and health and you can see what a huge life changing experience retirement really is.

Financial Changes

Since you are not working you will no longer bring home a regular paycheck. Instead you will have a fixed income each month. This can take some getting used to even if there is plenty of money.

In the best case scenario you have already met with a financial planner and have your finances and estate planning all lined up. If you haven’t, it is not too late to talk over your financial future with a professional that can help you make some plans and offer some great advice on your financial future.


If you are considering downsizing or travelling a financial adviser can give you some good information on different options from assisted living centers in Montgomery County, MD to other options for investing for your retirement.

Activities and Hobbies

If you are looking forward to all the free time you will have, you may be looking for places to go and things to do. In Bethesda, Maryland you won’t have to look far to find things to do. If you enjoy volunteering you may check out the many quality hospitals. They are always looking for volunteers to help make the patients stays more pleasant.

Also, when you consider where to live, remember that many of the Senior Retirement Communities have committees that are set up to specifically plan activities for their residents.

Unless of course you have already got that wood shop planned out, and several projects that you have been wanting to get done. Then maybe you will get the job of being a part of the planning committee for your neighborhood!

With all of the technology that is available it is very easy to locate help you might need online. There are many programs that are available, and many different organizations that can help you meet your needs in this new stage of your life. Other good resources you might enjoy are:

Take some time and enjoy the journey of being retired.Educate yourself and discover he new needs that you have.Soon you will be seeing Bethesda like you never have before. Retirement can be as fun as you had planned and worked for it to be.